Ouki Nogizaka
Ouki Nogizaka


乃木坂 王季 Ouki Nogizaka








Voiced by

Rokurō Naya

Ouki Nogizaka (乃木坂 王季, Nogizaka Ōki) is Haruka's and Mika's grandfather on their mother's side. He has a sociable personality and is a goodhearted old man. Although he is retired from his original position as the president of the Nogizaka's organization and became the consultant, he is still a very powerful man. If he wants, all great leaders will gather at one place for a high level conference within three hours.

Plot/Story Edit

Ouki appears on the island where Haruka's seventeenth birthday party is being held at the beach looking for his important fishing hook to catch the legendary rainbow sea snake. He finds the hook with a little help from Yuuto and believes that he'll catch something big. At the party, when Yuuto is about to leave after being bullied by Shuute and his lackeys believing that he's not welcome, Ouki encourages and returns Yuuto's confidants for him to present his gift for Haruka. When Shuute lies to his father about Yuuto insulting him in front of the distinguished crowd, Ouki comes saying that Yuuto present his gift to Haruka in order list and that his gift made her the happiest. Shuute handles Ouki by the collar of his shirt (not knowing who he is), and his father demands that he apologize to both him and Yuuto. Ouki presents his gift, The Legendary Rainbow Sea Snake, and properly introduced himself to Yuuto as Haruka's grandfather as well as being the previous head of the Nogizaka family. He is amazed how Yuuto is a fine rare young man and that he got Gentou's approval. Later that night in Haruka's room with her and Yuuto alone together, Ouki along with Mika, Akiho, Gentou, Hazuki, Nanami, Ruko, and Yukari eavesdrop on them by the door during their important moment.