Takashi Ogasawara

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Takashi Ogasawara (小笠原 孝 Ogasawara Takashi) is a third year high school boorish student at Hakujō Academy.

Plot/Story Edit

After Haruka's hobby was exposed of a manga book with the help of Yuuto making all the students believed that it was his, Takashi meets with Yuuto in the locker room saying that an otaku like him shouldn't be around Haruka and tells him to rot. The next morning Takashi confronts Yuuto and Haruka telling Haruka that she should be with him and not a disgusting otaku like Yuuto believing that he is better for her. Haruka enraged throws Takashi at a tree telling him not to speak ill of Yuuto and confirms him that the manga book belongs to her and if Takashi has something to say to her about it he should, bringing the boorish student out of their way.

Trivia Edit

  • Takashi looks exactly like Shuute Sutherland who appears in Episode 11 with the same face and hair style but having different color hair and skin on both characters.