Yuuto Ayase
Yuuto Ayase


綾瀬 裕人 Yuuto Ayase


High School

Hakujō Academy



Blood Type







170 cm

Voiced by:

Wataru Hatano

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No Title

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Yūto Ayase (綾瀬 裕人 Ayase Yūto)

He is the main male protagonist of the story, an ordinary student who attends Hakujō Academy, a private high school, and is in his second year of high school.


One day, Yūto stumbles across his classmate Haruka in the library and discovers her hidden secret—she is an otaku and loves anime and manga. Following this revelation, and his acceptance of her hobby, Haruka and Yūto begin to hang out together, earning him the envy and jealousy of most of the male population of the school. Yūto lives with his older sister Ruko. He behaves bluntly and generally likes to be left alone. He is an average student although his grades improve with Haruka's tutoring. Even though he and Haruka become close friends, he sometimes believes that since his family is not wealthy he cannot officially be her boyfriend. This viewpoint changes as he comes to realize that her family approves of their relationship. He later becomes Haruka's boyfriend but they keep it a secret because their classmates would make a big deal out of it. In the series finale he and Haruka marry.



  • All of the maids of the Nogizaka household seem to have feelings for Yūto.
  • He is surprisingly good at household chores.
  • He is quite famous with all the girls at Mika's school because she always talks about him.
  • At first it seems that Yūto doesn't seem to be interested in any of the girls because of how his sister, Ruko, and his Yukari-sensei act around him. This changes as he and Haruka become closer.